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The GoNightly Candle

Jeuneora by Lyttelton Lights

Burn time: 90 hours

This luxurious, limited edition candle is a true sensory delight that brings the soothing essence of our beloved GoNightly Overnight Repair Cream into your home.

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  • What it is

  • Good to know

  • Care & Safety

  • Crafted by our friends at Lyttelton Lights, The GoNightly Candle is designed to elevate your relaxation routine, set the mood for a peaceful evening, and let your stress melt away. Our special, patent-pending fragrance has been carefully designed to relax the mind and body and support a better night’s sleep.

    Top notes: Blackcurrant, Raspberry

    Middle notes: Floral, Woody, Sandalwood

    Base notes: Vanilla, Sweet, Musk

  • Crafted from sustainably-sourced 100% natural soy wax. Each candle is made at Lyttelton Lights in Christchurch with braided, lead-free cotton wicks.

  • • Use a candle snuffer to avoid hot wax splatters and reduce smoke.

    • Use a wick trimmer to cut your wick to 3mm every time before burning a candle.

    • Allow for the liquid wax pool to reach the outer edge of the jar, each time you burn your candle. This will ensure an even burn and avoid tunnelling.

    • Never leave a burning candle unattended, and keep out of the reach from children and pets.

    • Never burn candles near flammable objects.

    • Always place the candle on a stable, level and heatproof surface.

    • Keep candles away from any drafts.

    • Never burn a candle all the way down or it could overheat the glass jar. Leave 6mm of residue wax.

    • Never touch or move a burning candle when the wax is liquified.

    • Place burning candles at least 10cm apart from each other.