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Eye serums aren't just for ageing skin! We've developed DoeEyes to address and prevent signs of ageing, but we also wanted to make this eye cream for dark circles and puffiness too. We've paired innovative actives and nourishing botanicals to brighten, smooth and de-puff your under eye area as well as deeply hydrating dry skin around your eyes. Use this silky-smooth eye serum with our reusable eye masks for maximum absorption.

Eye Serums & Eye Masks

Learn more about eye serums and reusable eye masks:

What does an eye serum do?
The skin around your eyes is the thinnest on your body, which explains why it’s often the first place you’ll see signs of ageing on your face. Eye Serums are carefully formulated to help look after this very delicate area of skin. Eye creams and eye serums don't just target signs of ageing though! We developed DoeEyes to not only smooth and de-puff your eyes, but also as an eye cream for dark circles - it's all thanks to a powerful blend of antioxidant-rich and deeply hydrating ingredients.

What does an eye mask do?
These reusable silicone eye patches are designed to maximise absorption of eye creams, plus if you keep them in the fridge they're heaven on puffy, tired eyes!

How do you apply an eye mask?
First, apply your eye cream to the under eye area and position the eye masks under your eye with the widest part positioned towards the outer corner of your eye. Leave on for 10 to 20 minutes.

When do you use an eye mask in your skincare routine?
The reusable silicone eye patches can be used morning or night, and they are best used after cleansing when you apply eye cream.

How do you wash reusable eye masks?
We recommend rinsing them with warm water between use.