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Mental health is so important, but the stress of modern life can wreak havoc with our mental wellness. Adaptogens are a natural ingredient that can help support your stress management. These special herbs and mushrooms are designed to help your body find balance through stress we face on a daily basis. We have two natural calming supplements to choose from. Our best selling Beauty Sleep Adaptogenic Powder and Capsules uses the power of adaptogenic mushrooms to help maintain normal energy levels, mood balance and most importantly - helps you sleep better! Beauty Well Capsules are a modern multivitamin packed with adaptogenic herbs designed to support your body during times of stress and fatigue. They're also like a little hug for your immune system.

Adaptogenic Supplements

Learn more about adaptogens:

What are adaptogens?
Adaptogens are often used in natural calming supplements. These special herbs and mushrooms have been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine to help the body adapt and cope with occasional stress. In our plant-based stress supplements, you'll find adaptogenic mushrooms, siberian ginseng root and astragalus to get your adaptogen fix.

How do adaptogens work?
These natural herbs and mushrooms work to keep you feeling balanced and energized by supporting your body's response to stress and fatigue. When we face a stressor, our bodies go through a General Adaptation Syndrome which is a three-stage response: alarm, resistance and exhaustion. Adaptogens can help you stay in the resistance phase for longer: instead of crashing, you carry on.

How does stress affect us?
At times stress can wreak havoc on our inner zen and leave us feeling totally overwhelmed but the good news is our bodies can handle normal amounts of stress from time to time. However, when our stress response is activated over a long period and our bodies are overexposed to stress hormones such as epinephrine and cortisol, it can negatively impact our overall health and immune system so it's important to manage stress to avoid falling into the long-term stress cycle. Calming supplements can be one of the tools that can help!

What can we do to manage our stress?
We've pulled together our top tips for managing stress and anxiety including incorporating stress supplements into your daily routine and daily practices that bring zen to your day. Click here to get the tips.