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Beauty Sleep Gift Set

For anyone struggling with their sleep, this is the perfect Christmas gift! Featuring our bestselling sleep supplement and a handy whisk for deliciously frothy drinks every time.
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  • Step away from the wrapping paper! This Christmas gift pack is packed lovingly in a totally cute, totally reusable, and very limited edition Jeuneora Drawstring Bag. It includes:

    Beauty Sleep Adaptogenic Super Powder (210g | 30 serves): This decadent plant-based hot chocolate super powder uses the power of Adaptogenic Mushrooms and an exclusive Pistachio Extract to support sleep, relaxation, immune function and healthy mood balance.

    Jeuneora Handheld Whisk: Great for making your favourite frothy hot drinks and effortlessly mixing any of Jeuneora’s powdered supplements.

    This USB-powered handheld whisk is a must have in your kitchen!

  • How: Stir (or whisk) one level scoop (7g) of Beauty Sleep into 250ml hot water, milk or milk alternative. If you’re using the Jeuneora Handheld Whisk we recommend filling the cup ¾ of the way to avoid spillage!

    We’ve made Beauty Sleep as clean as possible, with no added sugar, so if you like things a bit sweeter feel free to add your favourite sweetener, sugar, maple syrup or honey to taste.

    Beauty Sleep is best enjoyed hot, but can also be delicious over ice. Simply use a little hot water to whisk the powder before adding your favourite cold milk and ice.

    When: Take Beauty Sleep in the evening at least 30 minutes before bed

  • Beauty Sleep is for anyone that’s looking to support their sleep and general health and wellbeing.

    Beauty Sleep (like most supplements) hasn’t been tested on pregnant or breastfeeding people - so if that’s you - we recommend checking in with your health professionals first. For the same reason, we also recommend checking in before giving Beauty Sleep to your children too.

    Please also note that Beauty Sleep contains pistachios.

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