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Beauty Brain® Gift Set

A great Christmas gift for the busy, frazzled people in your life! Special nootropic ingredients help you feel more alert and focussed for up to five hours, plus innovative calming ingredients will leave you feeling zen. Set includes a cute Jeuneora Reusable Tumbler so you can sip in style!
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  • Step away from the wrapping paper! This Christmas gift pack is packed lovingly in a totally cute, totally reusable, and very limited edition Jeuneora Drawstring Bag. It includes:

    Beauty Brain Super Powder (250g | 30 serves): Blackcurrant-flavoured Beauty Brain will leave you feeling good on the inside and looking your best on the outside.

    This plant-based super supplement is carefully designed to support healthy brain function, mental focus, skinappearance, immune health and gut health no matter your dietary preferences. It will help you feel more alert for up to five hours thanks to EnXtra™ and the calming effects of Bluenesse™ will leave you feeling calm and zen. It’s a fantastic replacement for coffee with no post-caffeine crash. It can even help calm caffeine jitters if you’ve gone a little overboard.

    ✓ Sustainably-sourced ingredients

    ✓ 100% plant-based and vegan-friendly

    ✓ Free from fillers, binders and additives

    ✓ Packed in I’m Green™ containers made from 100% sugarcane plastic

    ✓ 100% recyclable through our free Jeuneora Recycling Programme

    Jeuneora Reusable Tumbler: Stay hydrated in style with our tumbler. It holds 473ml of liquid and is double-walled so will keep your drinks cool while you're on the go. Not suitable for hot liquids and we recommend handwashing. BPA-free.

  • How: Mix one scoop of Beauty Brain with hot or cold water for a refreshing treat. It’s great on its own and even more delicious mixed into a glass of cold water with our Renew+ (particularly the Mixed Berry). It can also be mixed into smoothies, juices, yoghurt, porridge or muesli. You can enjoy up to two servings per day. Remember, as with any supplement - consistency is key!

    When: Beauty Brain is best enjoyed in the morning or mid-afternoon. We don’t recommend taking Beauty Brain in the evening due to its nootropic ingredients that help you feel more alert.

  • Beauty Brain is for anyone that’s looking to support their general wellbeing and skin appearance. It’s also great for people that are looking to cut down their caffeine intake or would like help with beating the dreaded 3pm slump!

    Beauty Brain (like most supplements) hasn’t been tested on pregnant or breastfeeding people - so if that’s you - we recommend checking in with your health professionals first.

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