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Discover our range of plant-based supplements. We've designed all of these products to support your beauty and wellness goals - no matter your dietary preference. These 100% natural supplements include a sleep support, vegan collagen activator, modern multivitamin and Beauty Brain - a delicious daily drink that supports mental alertness.

Vegan & Plant-based Supplements

Vegan supplements to get you glowing!

Our plant-based supplements are designed to support a myriad of health and beauty concerns. Whether you're looking for hair, skin and nails support or for something to help you sleep, these cruelty-free supplements will quickly become your new favourites! Our best selling vegan supplement is Beauty Sleep. Formulated with an innovative Pistachio Extract, Adaptogenic Mushrooms and Fairtrade Cocoa, it's designed to be a delicious way to help you sleep and relax. Click here to learn more about this fan favourite.

Our natural supplements have got you covered at the other end of the day too thanks to vegan-friendly Beauty Brain. This Super Powder is designed to not only support skin appearance, immunity and gut health, it also supports long-term cognitive health and has short-term cognitive effects too. It will help you feel more alert for up to five hours thanks to EnXtra™ and the calming effects of Bluenesse™ will leave you feeling calm and zen. Click here to find out more.