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Looking for brain health supplements in New Zealand? We've formulated a range of vegan, plant-based supplements with adaptogenic and nootropic ingredients and vitamins to support brain health, mood balance, memory, mental clarity and concentration.

Cognitive Health & Brain Health Supplements

Brain health supplements

Get to know our best supplements for focus and concentration. This plant-based and vegan-friendly range has been designed to support your cognitive health and general wellness.

We created Beauty Brain Super Powder because we wanted a brain fog supplement to help get us through the afternoon slump - it's been carefully formulated with innovative nootropic ingredients that help with mental alertness and focus. The blackcurrant-flavoured formulation also supports your concentration, memory and cognitive health. Click here to find out more.

You can think of Beauty Well Super Capsules as a modern multivitamin. They include special adaptogenic ingredients that support your general health and wellbeing along with cognitive health, mental clarity and your ability to cope with stress. Click here to learn about these incredible ingredients.